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well what i thought to be an easy job wasnt so much. i was given a door for free but i couldnt use it anywhere unless i changed the swing. so i did i also had to cut 4 out of it. so i took 2 out of the top and 2 out of the bottom cut the frame no problem this is an entry door solid wood....i install the door now shim it level plumb gaps are all nice. but when i close the door, the door hits the latch jamb. im thinking it has to do with the hinges? right now i have the hinges depth flush with the wood on the frame and door. like it was before modifying it. how do i fix this??? first pic of door closed trying to open latch side 2nd pic of door all the way closed nice even gap latch side 3rd pic of hinge side door closed all the way 4th pic of door open trying to close latch side
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: PEDRO VALDEZ (Ann Arbor, MI), 01/18/2019

Unscrew the latch side z-bar and pull the door open. Use a pry bar behind the z-bar if needed. There may be some short screws through the strike plate holding it tight. Or pull the handle assembly off and use a flat screwdriver to turn the square drive part of the mortise latch.

- RAFAEL SHELTON (Daytona Beach, FL), 03/06/2019

wow it was that tiny bevel. so small yet so major. i took a little sand paper to it and no more problems. Thank you!!!

- DANNY HENDERSON (Rock Hill, SC), 02/21/2019

Glad it helped.

- NICHOLAS COOPER (Jackson, MS), 03/05/2019

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