Forum Title: Help Securing Loose Door Frame
Hello Everyone, First time posting. :) Just wanted to get some opinions on an issue I discovered in my new house (built in 1978). I have attached some pictures (Sorry they rotated about 90 degrees). So the door going from the inside out to the garage seems to have a loose door frame. It appears to be loose on the latching side with a rather large gap between the frame and the trim in the interior top right (as shown in the first pic.). If you grab the door jamb on the latching side you can jostle it pretty well. Enough to increase the gap between the frame and the trim, and to break off whatever type of sealing job they attempted to do to fill this gap. So I was thinking I would need to take the trim off to see if I need to insert any more wood between the frame and king stud. regardless I need to put screws on the latching side (loose side) so it is secured. I just don't know where to put those screws without it being very noticeable. So any advise on where to put screws, how many, what type of screw, or any pointers to make this job right so it doesn't happen again would all be appreciated. Thanks and Happy New Year!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: CATHY DAVIDSON (Roswell, GA), 01/18/2019

First, check the leading edge of the door and see if it has a bevel on it that is now facing the wrong way. Doors often have a little 3 degree bevel so that the leading edge of the door doesn't hit the jamb as it closes. Don't know how you flipped it but that's one possibility. If that isnt it... try sinking some long screws through the hinge that will catch the framing. That will pull a heavy door tighter and open up a slight gap on the latch side, depending on how much you shim behind the hinge and how tight you tighten the screws. You will likely need to remove the existing shim. Also, if you are jamming a tapered shim in there, that may be twisting the jamb, causing the hinge to be pushed too far to the left.

- CLARA DEAN (Orlando, FL), 03/07/2019

Thanks for the advise, XSleeper! When I get home I will check to see if the door is plumb vertically when I open the door 1/8 inches. Hopefully it is. If it is then the solution may be as easy as clamping it like you said and driving some of those finish screws you recommended. And would you drive these screws through the exterior jamb, and not the door stop or jamb where the door rests when closed?

- ANNIE PERRY (Jonesboro, AR), 02/17/2019

You will be screwing in 2 different places. First, the trim to the door. (To eliminate the gap) Second, the jamb to the stud. (To make it even more secure)

- LEONARD AGUILAR (Santa Maria, CA), 03/01/2019

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