Forum Title: Please Help Me Pop my Window Screen Back In Place
So ya girl found herself in an unfortunate and potentially very bad situation. A lil while back, I managed to pop the bottoms of my screen off of their little ridge thing at the bottom and now I have actually no clue how to put it back into place. Biggest problem with this is that because of the placement that the screen is currently in (bottom part of the screen is leaning more towards the actual window part instead of standing straight on the ridge thingy) the window won�t close all the way and it won�t lock since it�s hovering above the place where the pushy thing is supposed to go into to lock it. And as I do open/close the window to the furthest extent possible, it makes a very loud, annoying high pitched sound going down. So I�m now stuck with a window that won�t close all the way for this bedroom in my house, which i�m afraid might mess with the AC in some type of way. Even if it doesn�t, I still need to figure out a way to pop the screen back in so that the window will go down. I don�t see the tabs that are supposedly supposed to be there. There�s like a small pull thing on just the right side of the exterior half of the screen but it�s virtually useless. pictures will be provided so you know what i�m saying. (Some photos may be sideways, and yes the interior behind the window is a mess but i don�t really care at this point I just wanna get this fixed so bad) Help me please, and as soon as possible. Need more experienced eyes on this.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: Nick L (Washington, DC), 01/22/2019

First have you contacted the seller or the company? Those would be your first source to explore. I would have to believe they need to be mulled and then installed as a unit. That's the way our replacement windows were always done.

- AGNES MCDANIEL (Frederick, MD), 02/20/2019

You pics are confusing. Take more from further back. and try to get better lighting. Are they triple tracs? Show us a close up of the latching mechanism. Normally if a triple trac comes out it's trac you slide it down or up until it meets a cut out in the trac that the spring release latches can sip into.

- LEE BURKE (Olathe, KS), 03/02/2019

I'm with Pugsl. Often you grab the screen started in it's slot at the top of the window and you push up. You'll feel the little springs compress then you move the bottom of the screen in to its slot and when you let go the springs push the screen into the slot, holding it in place.

- LANCE ERICKSON (Lynn, MA), 02/28/2019

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