Forum Title: replacing busted door jamb
when my wife and I bought the house we live in a few years back the master bedroom door jamb area looks like at one point the previous owner either locked themselves out or had a fight and kicked the door down. I attached a photo of the current state of the door jamb, I'd like to get it repaired as the door doesn't shut right and the metal clasp for the doorknob (I'm not a repair guy so I don't know the correct name for it) is loose because there's not enough wood to secure it. everything I find online assumes the wood is all there, which its not in my case, the previous owner took it out and just painted over it (as if that'd resolve the problem). is there a way I can replace that wood or is this going to be a more involved job?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: DEBRA ADAMS (Berwyn, IL), 01/26/2019

Seems like you have 2 choices if you use that block; a bigger screw or drill and glue in a dowel and start over.

- DIANNE OCONNOR (Danbury, CT), 02/15/2019

Thanks for that tip, I'll give that a try or if it looks too intense, I may just have my father in law help me.

- IAN GRIFFITH (Vacaville, CA), 02/26/2019

Not a bad idea. Might end up costing you a 6 pack though.

- JESUS LAWSON (Jackson, TN), 03/03/2019

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